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The PBL Podcast (Politics and Brown Liquor) started from two friends always talking about politics when they met.  One day, they were working on a project and did not discuss politics.  This sparked an idea to put future politic discussions on a podcast. Out of a passion for talking politics, The PBL Podcast was born. 

The PBL Podcast is now hosted by E and records 5 times a week.  Topic range from politics to snakes coming out of toilets.  Each week we discuss conspiracy theories, election data, political foolhardy, and occasionally a tie in to liquor and politics.  An easy tie in, I might add!

You host, E, is just a normal guy with a career in sales and a passion for politics. Understanding that the media does not give you the “real story,” E gets underneath the minutia to bring you the truth and understanding of what the media does not want you to know.

So go on a walk, ride a bike, take a run, or simply sit back and sip on your favorite brown liquor and enjoy the show!!

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That for checking out The PBL Podcast, AKA, Politics and Brown Liquor!!


This is Woody. Woody is a dog. But if Woody could talk, he would tell you to listen to the most recent episode of the PBL Podcast. Woody is a good and smart dog! Woody also is present for every recording of the PBL Podcast. So he would know.

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Dems making sh*t up | Cuomo the Killer | Tech is reporting on you Politics and Brown Liquor ( The PBL Podcast )

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  4. Biden admin show signs of leading through fear | How inept is Jan Psaki?
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