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The PBL Podcast (Politics and Brown Liquor) started from two friends always talking about politics when they met.  One day, they were working on a project and did not discuss politics.  This sparked an idea to put future politic discussions on a podcast. Out of a passion for talking politics, The PBL Podcast was born. 

The PBL Podcast is now hosted by E and records 5 times a week.  Topic range from politics to snakes coming out of toilets.  Each week we discuss conspiracy theories, election data, political foolhardy, and occasionally a tie in to liquor and politics.  An easy tie in, I might add!

You host, E, is just a normal guy with a career in sales and a passion for politics. Understanding that the media does not give you the “real story,” E gets underneath the minutia to bring you the truth and understanding of what the media does not want you to know.

So go on a walk, ride a bike, take a run, or simply sit back and sip on your favorite brown liquor and enjoy the show!!

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That for checking out The PBL Podcast, AKA, Politics and Brown Liquor!!


This is Woody. Woody is a dog. But if Woody could talk, he would tell you to listen to the most recent episode of the PBL Podcast. Woody is a good and smart dog! Woody also is present for every recording of the PBL Podcast. So he would know.

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Twitter and AOC are on a totalitarian tear to shut you down!! Politics and Brown Liquor ( The PBL Podcast )

PBL Podcast Jan 15, 2020, Show Notes The PBL Podcast had Merchandise!! Please visit our store and support the show by buying a t-shirt or two, or 30. 😉 ( Twitter exposed! They are not done banning the Right just yet ( The ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump ( AOC is a dangerous moron ( ( Leftist embedded with the capital riot ( ( ( Harvard law students want to cancel culture your degree ( Biden’s corona relief package will destroy us, says economist Stephen Moore ***************************************** Subscribe to our show notes @ ( Help Support the show by buying a membership @ ( Subscribe to our YouTube channel @ ( Support this podcast
  1. Twitter and AOC are on a totalitarian tear to shut you down!!
  2. How the left justifies wanting you to suffer using Donald Trump
  3. Gird Your Loins!!!! The left is going to go all totalitarian on your ass!!
  4. Ashli Babbitt was not a crisis actor | She was tragically killed
  5. Good, Bad, or Indifferent, the election is over | What you can expect

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