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The PBL Podcast 7/14/2020

I am now recording. We’re back to the Patriots side. Hello, Patrion folks. We appreciate you more than butter. Although I made some eggs this morning and I cooked them in butter. That was really good. Well, good, good. That was almost to the end. Then I said butter. Well, it was more just that you started talking about making eggs with butter.

Okay. Thanks with butter is good. Okay. Anything with buyers. It’s true. Hey, so let’s get into the conversation in, and for, for us, for you, Patrion folks are our favorite, favorite, favorite. You get more of our attention than anybody else in the world. So we do want to hear yes. Yeah. So the, the, the PBL, but of course, if you’re on Patrion, you can easily access us.

So please do we value your comments, inputs, opinions, so, so much so because you are. Part of the family, because you’ve decided to be here and contribute. So we want to hear how we’re doing from you, everybody else that tells us how we’re doing. We don’t care. But when you tell us yeah, but you care more.

The whole thing I often say at all, animals are equal. Some animals are more, yeah, you are more equal than others.

No. So look at the screen. All right. So this couple, yeah. That’s what you want. Yes. Oh my God. I’m gonna have to read that book again. Cops confiscating our 15 used by st. Louis man to defend homeless. This happened a few days ago. Most people are aware of this, but I’m going to, I put this up on tick tock, cause we just had live stream on tick talk.

And I think we had maybe about a 90 to 100 people, right? I think, I think at one point, yeah, we had, yeah, we had, well, I think the second half of the show we had a, we had at least 40 in and out, so yeah. So not bad. So first time I’ll tick tock, not knowing what the hell we were doing, but, well, the first is going live on it.

Yeah, that’s true. Then we talked about this story before and this couple and the man, if you’re, if you’re watching this, you look in the background. You see the blurred picture of the husband. And it’s funny, the media used this picture of the wife. Okay. She’s got her finger on the trigger, which is bad, bad firearm handling.

There’s just no ways around it. She really shouldn’t have done that. No, she’s not listening. She’s done a hearing to the laws of a gun safe, but under the circumstances though, I mean, I mean, you cannot be scared shitless. Oh yeah, no, no, no, she’s definitely, yeah. And fear for her life. And, you know, she’s pointing it with the intention of firing.

Should anyone feel that she needs? Yeah, I’m not saying these two were, uh, amazing gun handlers, cause even him in the back, the way his gun is pointed well, but let me okay. What was the last time your, you know, your data company was broken into, by a number of gun? Toting gun Holden. Yeah, don’t go too far with that.

We don’t really see the picture. Okay. I’m even going to do my hand snap. Okay. Let’s see how you do under that kind of pressure. Okay. I’ll be right back. I’ll go handle it right now. So no, I get it. I get it. You know what I would do though? I do, because I don’t have one of those now I have a, I just have handguns.

Yeah, hold the hand gun down to my side. I would not, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve done. I’ve actually been in, I’ve been in my front lawn with a handgun in my hand. I’ve been in the front line and I had years ago at a previous house, somebody was breaking into my car. And I went out there with a handgun and there were two, two kids out there.

I I’ve done this. I have, I’ve gone outside with my handgun to confront two kids breaking into my car. And I kept the handgun on my side. I had into my hand. I never put my finger on the trigger, but I didn’t lift it and point it. I had that again, it was two kids breaking into your car. It wasn’t a nut jobs, the backstory of all the news media and the news of all the, um, uh, the BLM protest violence rate riots, all that crap.

So I get it. You’re absolutely right. Uh, but. But I mean, I mean, I would never say, I would never say I wouldn’t do the exact same thing that lady does right now, especially if I was afraid for my life and Oh my God. If I had babies, if I had kids nearby or my mother was around, Oh, this is their mistake right there.

That picture is their mistake. If they did not, if she did not do that. And if he did not have his gun up, like he had, and actually he doesn’t have his finger on the trigger. I’ve seen other pictures and, and, and most of the footage, you can see his gun is held very tight to his chest, but they’re going after her.

They’re not going after him. They’re going after her for this. Okay. Listen, it doesn’t matter. Okay. They didn’t shoot anybody. They were coming out their person and their property. All right. So next time. You decide you don’t want someone pointing a gun at you. How about you don’t fucking break in to an HOA, a gated community.

And how about you? Don’t intimidate two older persons in a big ass house with big ass guns. How about that? If you don’t want to endanger your own life, how about you? Listen to common sense. Follow the law, you don’t trespass and you’re not a nasty piece of shit. How about that? Saw that all of the black lives matters movement doesn’t want that they want the useful idiots to trespass upon this person’s property so they can, you know, advance their Trojan horse agenda.

I get it. I get it. But at the end of the day, though, if you are one of these dumb ass people who decide to do that, if you lose your life because you are a dumb ass. You were done, you were done ass. Yeah, I don’t care. You’re a dumb ass. This is a mistake. They’ll get off because the man in the background back there is it K gas attorney interview with Chris Cuomo.

He made his own lawyer looking competent. I mean, geez. He just kicked his ass. It was a beautiful sight. Chris Cuomo was just like, uh, this guy knows all the ins and outs of the DA’s office in saying, yes, know the sticking point. These are Democrats, they voted Democrat. They’ve given the causes and yeah, given the democratic candidates with hope, I wonder how long they’re going to be card carrying members of the DNC.

Let’s hope no more. Let’s see maybe, maybe male, God, you know, Trump would do this, totally do this, bring this, this couple to the convention and put them on stage. You know, he would totally do this Bush. Wouldn’t do this. And the McCain would never,

Oh, okay. Totally bring this guy because he ran for president. Look, I’ll ring up Romney. He’d never do this. Yeah, I’m sorry for bringing up around me. I really am. Sorry. Anyway, email buzzkill, buzzkill. Hey, let’s look at this. So who wants to see a leftist get kicked in the face by a horse?

Yeah, let me make sure that, uh, I got the sound right, so you can hear it. Through the screen, because this is just awesome. And you know what, when you see this video, here’s what I encourage you to do. Watch it over and over and over and over.

All right, it’s going to start back out. Here you go. That was her role.

right in the face. Right? Let’s watch it again.

you’ve been over this thing. Like we’re elected tend to be less attractive than Republicans. So maybe, maybe, maybe the horse in our favor, maybe, maybe it’s gonna improve her. Well, you know, I think idiot that gets behind a horse and she went over to hit the horse. It’s a horse. What the, what the hell? In all fairness.

Okay. This is from Rogan. O’Hanley at DC underscore Draino. Yeah. Leftist idiot tries to spook police, horse and injure a cop of course, experience dead karma. I don’t know. So if, if you’ve never been around horses much. Horses, some horses okay. Tend to spook easily, especially if you have a highest strong horse, high, strong breeds, especially like thoroughbreds standard breads.

They tend to be very high energy and spook very easily. Okay. So it seems that the woman wasn’t trying to hit the horse, the woman was trying to spook the horse. So the horse would buck and presumably exactly. Come up to the face. So oftentimes dr. Seal asked me why you like this? Actually, my family asked me that too.

I actually, when I was a kid, I was kicked in the head by a horse. I was crawling under a fence because we lived on a farm. We had horses, cows, chickens, bigs, the whole nine yards. He didn’t grow up on a farm. He grew up in the hood. I guess that was part of my life. I literally, I did live in a house in upstate Michigan.

I’m learning, I’m learning so much. We had chickens, pigs, cows horses. And in fact, I’ve seen a pig slaughtered and the drape across the side of a barn. I’ve seen pigs give birth and eat their young. I saw a horse one time, give birth. Now, all living on this farm before I was even in kindergarten, but one day I was crawling under a fence and there was a horse and kicked me in the head.

So now what everybody asks, why are you like this? There you go. Maybe that’s it right. by a horse in the head, but I haven’t stepped on a horse. I’ve been, I’ve been bitten by a horse if it’s thrown off by a horse. Yeah. So I never rode the horse. I rode cows after that, we did have a cow and her name really was Betsy.

And I wrote the wow. That must’ve been quite a, quite a docile cow. It was a great Cal actually it’s almost like a family pet. Was a great cow. Yeah. I love that cow. I mean, cows can be very sweet. Oh yeah. Tasty too. But we had a most definitely. I tell you, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen is my sister who is a tomboy and she picked up a garden snake one time and threw it in the chicken coop.

And the chickens just tore the hell at that. Snake just ripped it apart. It was like, I remember chickens are nasty and actually chickens or cows y’all we used to give our chickens scraps, chickens, love chicken. They’re like the dumbest animals on the planet. I wouldn’t go that far. No, they are one of the dumbest animals.

Sheep sheep. They know she can literally no will literally escape their pens through a hole and go through it one way. And then they will literally stand on the other side of the fence, trying to figure out how to get back in chickens, found themselves by looking up when it rains. They’re the dumb, one of the dumbest animals on the planet.

Any chickens that I ever had are smart. We had chicken. And we had one chicken. So our chickens are free range around the farm. Our chickens would put themselves to bed. Our chickens would rally. There was a, um, one hen that kind of ruled the roost. She would rodeo the other chickens along with the duck, along with the duck, these Canadian chickens are smarter than American chickens.

Apparently. No, this was way upstate Michigan. So across the Lake was Canada. So. Or maybe you were just in Michigan and had some domestic information. There are some dumb ass check if they were from Detroit. That’s true. No, Detroit was way on the other side of the state. This is way far North, but anyway, they were there.

Okay. So y’all are going to buy chickens. Don’t buy them from the ups. But I actually saw, I actually saw a chicken get its head cut off and run around the field. Yeah. I’ve actually seen that. Yeah. I’ve actually seen that, you know, people talking about like a chicken with a head cut off, I’ve actually seen that.

All right. Let’s, let’s talk about our favorite mayor. Your favorite mirror. And this is, I love this story. I can’t wait to see how this plays out as Lanta, N double a C P calls for mayor Keisha Lance bottoms to resign. After death of eight year old girl, this is going to be so good as it plays out. I mean, good on the NAACP here, worthless organization, and look at them, go coming.

Well, how long they maintain this position? I mean, someone’s flips in and vouches for Kesha, like an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. It’d be like, Oh man. She’s my girl. Like she’s the versus blood is present, you know,

I actually thought she was a little better than Kaseem reads way more incompetent, way more. Okay. Listen, it’s corruption is not good, but Atlanta, I mean, I think Atlanta is the most corrupt. Metropolitan city probably next to Chicago. I was going to call you on that if you didn’t say Chicago, so good. Yeah, yeah, no, no, no.

But second to either one of those cities, Chicago, New York. Yeah. Yeah. I would say that Atlanta is by far the most, one of the most corrupt cities in all the nations. Well, we have a form. Okay. But if you were going to be corrupt, you better have the brains to carry it out off. Kesha, Lance bottoms. Does not have the brains or the, or, or the aptitude for it.

She just said we got she’s turned into be the most inept mayor we’ve ever had. And you know what, maybe that’s why she was doing okay prior to all this happening because nothing happened. So she didn’t have to lead. But now remember she almost lost at the city of Atlanta. She almost lost us. Our, our own airport almost had to take it over.

Yeah, the state and the federal government almost had to take over the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport because she allowed tampering with the air power. No, here’s the reason why here at aid was like, uh, mayor bottoms. We need to address this issue. And she was like, hold on, I’m doing my hair. So that’s why I need to look at it.

Look at it. I’m an effort to keep it that. Perfect. It’s actually, it’s not looking so good. That’s not a good picture of her, but there’s the racist. It’s also really bad shirt. Where’s the racist story in the back. Look it’s gone or is she just hiding? Is she in front of, I think her fat head in front of it.

Okay. Yeah. But anyway, the worst Atlanta mayor ever. I mean, um, and I thought Kaseem Reeves was bad. I knew bill Campbell was bad cause he went to jail. But this woman is the most inept mayor we have ever had. And I had high hopes for, even though she’s a Democrat, but God she’s awful. So the NAACP is calling.

He was far more. Yeah. I was far more optimistic about her. I saw her coming a mile away. Yeah, you did. You’ve been holding her out from day one. Oh yeah. Especially because actually I moved here smack dab in the middle of her, um, mayoral electoral campaign. And I was living with my cousin at the time and we got robocalls saying from Keisha Lance bottoms and you know what her slogan was, keep Atlanta black.

Really? I didn’t hear that she was running against ’em. Oh, Mary something. Anyhow. It was a white, older, white lady. Really nice, no matter, but Keisha Lance bottoms, Atlanta. Black Atlanta black. That was Keisha Lance bottoms, the black karma, which we’ve talked about in a previous talk. Cause here’s her karma.

She’s got the, I wonder how all, you know, she’s gotta be fast. Yeah. She’s gotta be pissed. She’s I just would love to be in those meetings right now and just wouldn’t love. To be, but anyway, let’s see what it won’t go anywhere. We all know it’s not going to go anywhere. This is the NAACP trying to vibe for some leverage in something there’s some behind the scenes crap going on that we don’t see this is them coming out publicly saying this so they can buy it for some leverage.

Watch him come out and endorse her. Or give her props in the coming days. I guarantee you it’s going to happen. This is all bullshit from the NAACP because they have become a corrupt organization in and of themselves. They are nothing more than a propaganda piece for the Democrat party. That’s all, that’s all they are.

So I have no respect for the NAACP. None whatsoever. Yeah. So last story. Is that here’s the title daughter of slain, Texas. Last story prior, right before dr. C beans. And what kind of chocolate cheese? Well, last story from E daughter of slain, Texas cop attacked online for writing hashtag blue lives matter in tribute to falling father.

I followed this thread this morning. I caught it and I, I saw her, um, tweet and it was, you know, Her father just died. It was heart wrenching. Right? And then the left, the left we’re in the black lives matter movement, all came out and started just attacking her, saying he got what he’s coming to him, you know, you know, and some said, Hey, I feel your pain, but do you know how hurtful blue lives matter is?

It was vile. It was just vile testing. Hi, I was pissed. So I did what I do. I did a little trolling. Tell her, tell her, tell our listeners and our patrons and our patrons. What, what is it that you do when you do what you do? I fuck with people. I go for I’m giving I go for, Oh, just making them angry. I go for just pushing their buttons.

So I. Tweeted to everyone that I can could that was pushing back on her just hashtag blue lives matter. Every single one. If somebody said a negative comment, all I tweeted back to them was hashtag blue lives matter. So that’s, that’s how I did it. And then somebody picked up on it and I had a back and forth Twitter wall or with some guy who, uh, uh, uh, saying, Hey, wa I forget what he was saying.

You can go look at my, my Twitter account, um, the PBL podcast, Twitter, um, and it ended with him basically accusing me of stolen Valor. He actually said any sense whatsoever. And he says you’re using a hashtag that you’re a veteran in your, for your podcast, presumably to make money. Which is not why we do this.

We do this because we have a passion for all of this and Hey, if we make money the long way. Great. But he says, and I never took his bait. Cause I didn’t know. I didn’t understand what you’re saying. So I just kept sweetened back at the guy until he finally said to my followers that you need to report this guy because he’s using a hashtag as a veteran and it’s stolen Valor and he tweeted back the hashtag blue lives matter.

So this idiot. Thought hashtag blue lives matter veterans. I know it was, it was hilarious. So my last tweet to the guy and he just ended, it was, I said to him, I go, you really can’t be this stupid. Can you? You can. He was, he was no, that’s it that’s like another, uh, I won’t say war the conversation we had with, uh, with someone on Twitter.

On I take talk. Yeah. Oh, that one was good. Oh yeah. I just, you know, I’ll be hardcore on that one. Yeah, you did. You did. You were eating that one. So here’s, here’s the rule of thumb. Here’s the beautiful thing right after we got audited. So it’s true. That’s true. But we’re back, back. We’re back to normal, but here’s a rule of thumb when you’re dealing with these leftists on these things, don’t get caught up in the emotions.

Don’t don’t they’re gonna throw a kitchen sink at you, everything in the kitchen sink and accuse you all these things. Stay on topic, stay consistent standpoint, follow it through because at the end they’re going to fall apart. Their logic. Cause they throw you, they throw red herrings at you. They throw all these logical fallacies at you stay on point.

Don’t take their bait, even when they call you out for being emotional, stay on point and keep at it. And they eventually, cause they’re all bullies. And bullies always back down. That’s the point, all this and this, this guy fell apart now, seven Twitter followers. I don’t normally call people out for their followers and I don’t, and I didn’t, I don’t think I did with this guy because, you know, I used to not care about followers on Twitter.

It wasn’t my thing. I didn’t really care. I just wanted to have some fun on Twitter. But, uh, this guy to all my Twitter followers, he had seven. What are they going to do? I’m going to report me for stolen Valor. Cause I did hashtag blue lives matter. Oh, but this poor girl, I can’t even, I mean, okay. But even, okay.

Hypothetically, even if you were posing or inferring that you were yeah.

I mean, while reprehensible. Yeah. I don’t see that as being in adjust, cause being removed from a social media platform or it doesn’t make any sense. No.

you said, you said something very interesting. You said that, you know, their logic doesn’t follow or their logic. Does that make sense? Well, yes, it’s because it’s nothing that they’re saying their premises they’re raise on Beth Holick any of other arguments? Are not based on logic or not based on fact projects, the guy said he was a veteran in his bio.

So I know I didn’t call him on it. Cause you know, I’m not going to call him on it. But I wonder if he really was, I bet he was projecting cause the left often project on you, what they themselves are doing. So, Hey, you know, I’m not a veteran when to express, had me deaf think the lady or missing that’s right.

Treaty, meaning the lady protests, but therefore she protests too much. So therefore what she says is. Not so it’s like, do you want to go out with me? No, but if she’s protesting too much, that means yes, she does want to go out. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I’m not a veteran. I never pretend to be to veterans. I’ll never say I’m a veteran.

My father is a veteran. I have had family that fought in the revolutionary war. I have a. A great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather. Who was a captain in the revolutionary war? I have a great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great uncle who was a general during the time of, uh, right after the revolutionary war.

So I have family members that are veterans. I’m not a veteran. I will never claim I was ever a veteran, but this guy, I didn’t know where he was going with it. So I just let it ride until we got to the very end. And he was accusing me of this because I use the hashtag. Blue lives matter. They’re unhinged.

The left is completely unhand. If you look at what happened to this poor girl, her dad was killed. Her dad was a cop who’s. Oh yeah. And there are people that there are people on the feed and in the comment section saying, well, you know, he did, he didn’t, he knew this could happen. Like, Oh, it was horrendous.

What difference does that make? Yes, every man, woman and person that accepts these public service jobs, whether it’s the military or firefighters or it’s the EMS or the police. They all recognize that there are the degree of risk. Every single time they leave the house, they go to their job, they could lose their life, or it could be disabled, or it could be seriously injured.

That’s the risk they take. It doesn’t mean that if and when it happens, it’s any less tragic. Yeah. I forget about my Twitter war with that guy. Look at this thread from the girl, um, what they did to her, and you will see how vile the left is while they are messing and they will get there. They will get there.

Well, because Trump’s going on the 2020. Yeah. Well, you know, and if nothing else, they’re all going to go to hell. So tattoos, that’s it? Well, they’ll happen. Yes. So. Oh, so unhappy news. So if you’ve made it this far. Okay. So I know, you know, we haven’t gotten to know each other very well as far as like our patrons and, uh, you know, some of our tick-tock followers and stuff.

Yeah. I am a chocoholic. What’s the chocolate, the chocolate. We all want to know what’s the chocolate. It is drum roll. It is Ghirardelli, dark chocolate chips. It’s actually one of my favorites. I actually keep a bags at all times. What’s the percent 65 dark chocolate. Talk to me what? It’s 85%. That star chocolate.

I do. I eat 85%. I do I’ll believe it. When I see it,

I do. I love 85% dark chocolate. I do. I know you forget. I used to work for Godiva, right? Yeah. You also said that was one of your least favorite job. Oh, all of them were, but good. But I, you know, an 85%, it was hard to find. There’s only a few. I love 85% dark chocolate. I like 85% dark chocolate. You do have to have a really good cup of coffee.

Oh, it’s delicious with a good cup of coffee. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it’s easy to find 70%, 72%. That one. Well, I won’t even say, I won’t even say that now. It’s saying it’s increasingly more difficult to find anything. Yeah, above 65. Oh, I love it. Well, you know, cocoa, by the way, it’s only grown around the equator, right?

It’s it’s only grown in certain parts. Good cocoa. In fact, when I worked for Godiva, they would never reveal where they got their cocoa because they didn’t want anybody knowing. The areas now, I think that was complete bullshit because they were probably, you know, probably using it for your product because it’s the company, you know, but anyway, but no, but I actually, so actually by Ghirardelli, so in a baking, especially like, uh, so I shop a lot from all these.

And so even though I can make brownies from complete scratch, they have a wonderful brownie mix. So I take the brownie mix and I showed it up with actually cut. The mix half and half. So I use butter for half of the fat, and then I use coconut oil for the second half of the fat. So it adds like a whole nother layer of like deliciousness and like jealous.

Would you be if you knew that I’ve been to Ghirardelli square and their shop in San Francisco, that’s where they’re from. Well been there. Yeah.

So yeah, no, still, if they’re a brownie, they’ll probably won’t really eat them cause they weren’t gluten free. So in lieu of that fact, then I now make my own brownies at home and I showed up, uh, you know, a box, a box mix and right.

Yes. Yeah, I bring ’em. I actually put in it a special dark chocolate. Cocoa powder. I do like Ghirardelli. I mean, it’s not your high end chocolate, but it’s very good chocolate. But then again, Godiva is not very high in either. It’s, you know? No, actually I can’t say I’ve ever really enjoy Godiva chocolate.

Some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had Laura Secord chocolates from Canada. My pallet, Greg, but I do, I do love, love, love 85%. Chocolate love it because I remember I told you often I don’t have a sweet tooth and I do like chocolate. I cannot, you did like my brownies though. I did well. I’d like, I don’t like milk chocolate.

It’s too sweet for me. I don’t like white chocolate awkward ate my chocolate. I can’t eat much out. That’s all that is. But I give, you know, 72%. I know, like I like a lot, but 85%. I’m actually one of those people. Well, I do love because the taste is just it’s. So I don’t know about it. You also have to be in the mood for it though, because if you’re not in a mood to enjoy 85% dark chocolate.

Well, you know, what I do is I put it in the freezer. I freeze it. No, not, no, I love it that way. Love it that way. Oh God.

Alright. On that note, tell everybody where we’re at are our handles on it. Yeah. Clash, the PBL podcast emails. Add the PBL Also find this on Facebook, tick tock, Instagram, add to the PBL podcast, Twitter as well at VPL podcasts and doctors. See. Podcast one. And as always, always, always do not forget to like, listen and share it with all your loved ones, friends and left us snowflakes that happened to be laying around our podcasts at the PBL podcast or politics and round liquor on Apple podcasts and make sure to give us a five star rating.

So if you’re on Patrion and you’re watching this. You get it you’re here and please, please share, share, share, share, get more people. So our message can get out and we can have this kind of fun with more and more people. Well, and grow the show, which is growing at exponential rates as it is right now. So share, share, share.

We can ask you enough to do that for us. Yes. Thank you so much guys. And please join us for another one tomorrow. We got lots of awesome stuff down. Um, you know, coming down the pike and we’re super excited to all right. More to come. Bye. Bye everybody. Hi.

Show notes: The PBL Podcast 7_10_2020

I’m never sure which
way to go.
Diamond in the back.
We are recording Yeah.
Stone. Brown liquor. That’s right brown liquor.
Today we’re together if you can’t tell yes yes. If your wife you’re watching this on YouTube, or Patreon we are in fact recording together. Yes.
Yes, our computer actually started out with it as you said a game changer.
You know, so we decided to start the show with that gang so
well again, welcome to this episode of politics, brown liquor when we were on the headlines, had a lot of fun and a little gang spleen and check around liquor we start off.
So, what are we going to start off with today, there is so much news. We can’t keep up with the news.
Now just can’t keep up with the news. But what we want to do is tell you that we’re going to have some content after the show that if you’d like to see it, and if you’d like to watch this video, if you’re listening to it, go visit us. slash the PBL podcast. Some everybody know ww by now, I don’t know, just in case. Just there’s one person that doesn’t know you don’t have to do that. Do Do we want to leave that person behind was true. It could be a very important person, a benefactor. We like benefactor. So bring them on, bring them on. So you know what, I think we should talk about some scandalous stuff. First. Yeah, that’s not that scans because we all know it. Rep. Omar in the news again and again and again and again.
So here’s the headline Rep. Omar paid her husband $878,000 from her campaign so far. Are you familiar with the backstory on this?
vaguely, but well
Tell us some more detail. Well, here’s here’s what she was married to. Not this guy that I need for me, not her brother. No, that was. That’s right. That was another marriage. And by the way, there’s some stories coming out of the UK I think it was. That is a Somali candy representative attest to the fact that she didn’t
marry. Well, Jerry. I don’t know.
hologram hologram Okay, I’m so wait. Management won’t let us really do this together. So it’s really Right, exactly. But no, but no. Ilhan Omar was married to one man came to United State or at some point married one man divorced and married her brother so she could bring him to you, man, yes, but back to him. Well then once her brother was here and establish citizenship, then she divorced her brother then remarried her first husband then recently came out that she had was having an affair with another married man. So both of them then divorce their respective mmm hmm spouses and
She’s in fact married to the man she had an affair with. Yes. And Not that it matters. He’s a Caucasian. Should I just say white? I think so Caucasian sounds a bit pretentious. Did you know yeah, so he’s a white guy. Not that that matters, right. But you know, she rails on about crap. And so she was having an affair with the guy. There’s a divorce papers for the guy and his wife are pretty ugly. And turns out he worked for the campaign and she was paying them then and she’s still paying them. So where’s this money going? This money in her pocket? It’s in the family. Right? So, so to speak. Right? I mean, family as in like, my brother husband that I’m married to, or like, just, you know, my regular husband that I happen to take family, as we mentioned on the show the other day, she’s from Somalia. She is Muslim. And Omar, not me. Yeah, not, you know, Canada. So, but so in her country, Somalia, what she has done. I don’t think they do.
took a liking to it. Ah, no actually in fact I do believe in Islamic countries then adultery is punishable by death. Yeah, yeah stone sorry that yes, yes and if you do not know what stoning involves, you are buried depending depending on the you know, the area the municipality if you will, you’re either buried up to your waist or up to your neck and then you are stone with stones anywhere from 40 to a grapefruit so as time goes on your organ shut down You are an incredible incredible pain and eventually you will slip into a coma and gradually die off that is crucial.
But here in America, because this is a wonderful country, yes. So you can do this. That is it. That is no you can’t stone someone but you
guys clarify I have an affair with a married person. And yeah, not die. Yeah, I have infidelity, the whole nine yards. You probably even could hire your husband for your camp.
He’s probably going to get away with this we I mean, I mean presumptive lover yeah I mean it’s unethical but it’s may not be illegal so in this country the wonderful country it is no way we’ll know what is illegal in this country marrying your brother
what they didn’t like so so you know old habits are hard to die I guess with Ilan Omar. But you know, no, I love my brother. But I said no, the brother Levin means something completely different apparently in Somali, I say all this because this woman bashes our country Oh, oh, no, no. And as part of her oath, I mean, she swears to uphold the constitution the laws of this country and yet she repeatedly rails against our processes and our judicial system and wants to, you know, dismantle it from the top down. Well, that’s in clear violation of her oath. Yeah. And and her responsibility to her constituents. she’s a she’s a horrible human being Oh, she’s she’s really interested.
agreement. And you know if she rails against this country, and yet in her own country, she would be able to get away with this. And we’re after now because keeps coming up and her own country. She would be good right now. Yeah, she’s unethical. She’s crazy. She should be out of office. Now. Here’s the thing in her district. It’s a Muslim district. All right, heavily Muslim. I’m sure it’s not 100% but
heavily Somali, will they give her a pass based on Sharia law or violation of Islamic laws? Because what she did with her current husband is a violation of her religion. Yes. Will they give her a pass? My guess is yes, they won’t. They will. Well, I guess we will find out if all of a sudden Ilhan Omar goes missing.
Maybe she may either she was suicided. Or she might have been well, I’m I don’t want to I want to go that extreme. I was thinking maybe in this election coming up just a couple months. They just vote her out. But you know that that was my thing, but you want to go dark. I mean, honor killings are things that are over in one of the
As long as I’m actually in Canada we there’s still honor killings because we have a lot of
a lot of immigrants to come over ENDA. Yeah, this will happen. How about we talk about we finished talking about this idiot and segue to another idiot? Sure. Okay. Yeah, there Yes. Okay. Oh, well only get this screen right because you guys are gonna love this though. Look, if you’re watching this on Patreon you just see you just got flashed a picture of Biden that I don’t know what the hell he’s doing on that. But it is what’s creepy. Well, he also looks orange and
orange orange man Heiden
now, and then I think I think for Joe, I think he’s got some health issues. Yeah, well, here’s what we got. We’re gonna play a video for Joe you’re gonna hear the audio at home. And what you’re going to hear is I’m gonna make sure this audio works.
Work top class.
We are
We are a product we are the product of American
ingenuity and dog determinants. What I want you to hear in this is john biting, giant guidance. I’m biting off my guy. I love
to talk about his own policy proposal and he can’t remember. He just can’t remember it’s like an episode of charm. Amano like I’m here. I’m not
a video. You got to go look at it looks like he’s wearing a cardigan sweater. Yeah, no, I thought it was right before a suit jacket, but I don’t know if it’s because he’s just getting more and more frail as the day goes by. You don’t want to get older gentlemen start getting really old. They just maybe well, maybe they just got in a comfortable stretchy suit.
Man. Glad to be comfortable too. Well, as you said earlier, he’s missing the Ray Bans. Well, it to actually he seems far more elusive. When he wears that.
He does. He’s hiding behind. So we got to hear this. I’m gonna play the video. Here we go.
Lonnie knows I believe this might be weird post
it can be done.
What can be done? Okay.
Sorry, my team and your team already working closely together to like select the path forward here critical like proactive strategy collective bargain politics like prevailing in here and
yes I’m getting I’m taking too much time, you know,
oh my god oh and there was another one where he just like stopped and he just said, you know, what was the other one that one was on this but okay all right because there’s another one we said, Yeah we can do the things yeah it’s okay what can we accomplish like what are you doing like what are you for? I mean, I think it’s
just elder it really is it really is and then there was another clip where he was me
He said that, you know, he’s talking about his, you know, some of the past away Joe Biden, you know,
and he’s definitely the better of the two Biden Biden boys But no, and then he referenced his sister and you know, someone says my sister the love of my life. Yeah, nice just all over the place. Maybe Maybe she is, in fact, the love of his life. But again, that begs the question, What is it with Democrats and incest?
What I didn’t know it was gonna become like a national trend. Do not vote Democrat. You’re gonna sleep with one of your siblings. There cannot be one person that is even remotely aware of what’s going on with this election that doesn’t see this. Yeah. You democrats know this. Danny, I mean, you could I mean, you could just turn a blind eye. Yeah, there’s there’s a there’s buzz that they’re trying. The Democrats are trying to lay the groundwork for no debates. And you obviously know why. Well, yeah. Because Biden can’t handle Can you imagine him up there for you in 20 minutes.

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