PBL Podcast Jan 19, 2020 Show Notes

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On today’s show, we had a very special guest.  Historian and Russia expert, Jeni Kirby joined us to discuss the parallels to history in today’s America.

Jeni Kirby is a graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in history.  In 2018, she enrolled at SNHU’s Master of Arts history program, where she will graduate in May 2021. She specializes in American, European with a deep emphasis on the following historical lenses: gender, social, culture, religion, government, military, and environmental changes. Once she graduates, she plans on teaching history courses in public school to gain lecture experience, while working on her PhD.  

to learn more about  Kirby, you can go to www.jenikirbyhistory.com.  There you will find her blog “The Historian” and podcast show “Stacks: The Study of History.” You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, MeWe, Gab, Clouthub, Goodreads, and Instagram.  You can also reach out to her at jenikirbyhistory@gmail.com for any suggestions or questions regarding history. 


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