The PBL Podcast Show Notes: Nov 17, 2020

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Did Eric Coomer of Dominion throw this election?

Anyone buying the Cuban involvement?

Dominion was used in 28 states

Wayne county changes mind on certifying election results.  Why?

Is this why?

Old story of Holly Rbison-Peete claiming Trump called her the N-word resurfaces

Michelle Obama tosses out racist story, as well

Now its up to three counties in GA find votes for Trump

Attorney Lin Wood weighs in on evidence of voter corruption

Election Security experts outlines the problem with Michigan election results

The left wants to cancel Thanksgiving

Just not for them, though

Big tech on capitol hill again

Jack Dorsey’s weak explanation

Must see video grilling of Mark Zuckerberg

Nevada’s cash for vote scheme is plain sight

New lawsuit from team Trump in NV

Another example of voter fraud