PBL Podcast Show Notes: Nov 11 2020

More blue areas turning red.  Od that, huh?


Did Google send notices to democrat voters reminding them to vote, but not republicans?


John Brennan calls for the 25th amendment to be invoked, …on Trump?

Bloomberg article misses what the democrats have been doing to Trump for the last four years

Never believe Joe Manchin

Joe Biden lied about letting votes be counted

Tough guy Cuomo

Cuomo thinks he’s a tough guy… ‘I would have decked Trump’

Cori Bush thinks like a child

Cori Bush is crazier than you thought…

USPS whistleblower did NOT recant his story



Could this be true? Any experts out there with insight?  Email me at thepblpodcsat@gmail.com

Joe Biden is threatening to sue to move the process along