No more politics | I talk about my 1979 450sl and guitars

“Whatever happens today and into tomorrow, thanks to the members, moderators, and owner of this site for making the Trump era even more joyful, fun and exciting for me than it already was and is. Living where I live, I didn’t have too many people with whom to celebrate in real life on a daily basis, but this virtual community was always here for me.

If it somehow doesn’t go our way this time, I know we will all be very disappointed for this country we love, but I also know we will generally behave with more dignity and, well, sanity than the other side managed four years ago (and in all the intervening time since). How could we not? In the end, we have our faith, values, and inner resources to call upon, which, all other things being equal, a lifetime’s experience has shown me (and I’m sure all of you) are collectively just more solid on the side of what is right than on what is left. Besides, let’s not even try to compete with their sore loserdom…hey, give them their due, they have the lock on that one; it’s the one thing they do best!

On the other hand, if it does turn out to be a great night for America (and I am pretty optimistic it will be), there’s nothing wrong with being a sore winner this week, especially after all the months (years?) of their establishment media trying to demoralize normal voters into staying home with their “polls” and propaganda.

So…really looking forward to being one of the sorest winners around, tonight! Time to keep America great!!!”

~Ben Cranklin

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