It is my belief that the Democratic party has run its course.  It is time to put out to pasture the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation. They have been the longest running party in America, and it is time for them to go.

Given that the Supreme Court is now a solid 5-4, or a squishy 6-3, constitutional court, as well as, all of the judges that Trump has placed in the lower courts, conservatism has a strong lock on the judiciary for decades to come. We are good on this front.

However, in order to rid our nation of this cancer that is the Democratic party, we need to put a final nail into its dark coffin.  Voting them out right now is not the answer.  We need them to implode further to finally get the America people to wake up and see just how damaging the Democrat party is.

Here is how this can happen.

Donald J. Trump needs to be re-elected.  That is the first priority.  The second priority is that the Republicans must retain the Senate.  The third is that the Democrats retain the House.  Yes, you read that right, the Democrats need to retain the House of Representatives if we are to rid ourselves of the radical leftwing dripping into socialism party. 

If Trump wins, and the Democrats take the Senate, they will not only impeach and remove him, they will pack the court to nullify the gains made in the Judiciary.  It is their only path to getting the Supreme Court to side with their radical leftist ideologies.  It is vital that Trump is re-elected and the Senate is held.  If Biden wins, and GOP retains the Senate, the Democrats have time to win the Senate and take over all branches of government. I shudder to think of what our nation would look like if such a calamity were to happen.  Thank god prohibition has been repealed.  Otherwise, millions of Americans would become criminals again.

If the Democrats retain the House, does not win the Senate or the Presidency, remember they are toast on the judiciary front, they will have zero power other than the power of kvetching.  And a kvetching they will do.  In fact, if all they have is the House, they will be leveled to nothing more than frothing at the mouth lunatics.  Just look at their rhetoric right now.

AOC vows to push Biden far left if elected

And just look at their reaction on twitter to Amy Coney Barrett being seated on the Supreme Court

 Yes, I know they are frothing at the mouth lunatics now, but their anger at Trump being re-elected, and with no power in the Senate to remove him, their frothing rhetoric will be amplified to eleven plus!

And this will be the beginning of the end for the Democrats.  Therefore, I am OK with them keeping the House.  In fact, I “hope” they do. Because if they don’t, we will not see the level of lunacy they are capable of. We need it on full display to give them the largest “shellacking” in election history come November 2022.   

I’m OK with this method.  😉

​E Van der Vliet