The PBL Podcast Show Notes: Oct 26, 2020

In today’s show I ask the reason why? Why is Hunter Biden a drug addict? Why would he drop off an incrimination laptop to a local repair shop? Why is the media in the bag for the Democrats?

And a simple wiki search on Joe Biden’s 1972 senatorial campaign lead to possible answers.

Please follow my friends over at for more breaking news to come.  This is a new outlet and looks to have some very promising stories.

More breaking texts from Hunter Biden’s laptop

Wikipedia article on Joe Biden’s 1972 campaign. Was there media suppression similar to today’s?

Here is the relevant text from the wiki article: “In 2004, admitted mafia hitman and former Teamsters Local 326 President Frank Sheeran alleged in his memoir that in the week prior to Election Day an unidentified representative of the Biden campaign (described as the campaign’s legal counsel) approached him about preventing the distribution of the Wilmington News Journal because Sen. Boggs was running an advertisement unflattering to Biden. In exchange for undisclosed considerations and because Sheeran felt “Biden was better for labor anyway,” the Teamsters Union allegedly organized a strike preventing the newspapers from being delivered and sabotaged a shipment of newspaper printing materials and preventing the Wilmington News Journal from being distributed in the week prior to Election day. Sheeran’s accusation is unclear as to whether Biden himself was aware of the plot, but after the election Sheeran said he “could always reach out to [Biden] and he would listen.”

Why does the Media cover for the left? This 2013 article may have answered it for today, as well.

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