The PBL Podcast Show Notes: Oct 22, 2020

Tonight’s debate topics

Is the Biden’s family business crime?

Another Hunter Biden business partner flips

Is the FBI investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop a money laundering investigation?

Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devon Archer, at the VP offices

Was there child porn on Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Joe Biden breaks silence on Hunter Biden scandal

Rep Jim Jordan says laptop is real and belong to Hunter Biden

Sen Ron Johnson asks DOJ to investigate FBI dealings with Hunter Biden’s laptop case

First Hunter Biden business partner that flipped concerned about his life

Two theories on how we came to have Hunter Bidens laptop.  Hint: one don’t count

Biden won’t give court packing answer until six month into his presidency

Rudy gets suckered by Cohen

Twitter is OK sharing personal data about Giuliani, violating their own rules

The Lincoln Project get duped by Iran

Charlemagne the eyeliner admits Trump outreach to black men is working

Remember when Biden told Obama he would not run for POTUS?

The media makes up stories for the left to use

Facebook can’t even take satire