The PBL Podcast Show Notes: Oct 19 2020

Rudy Giuliani going on Hunter Bidens laptop

For Hunter Biden business partner flips

Is Bid “the Big Guy?”

Hunter Biden’s ex business partner provides more info

Did China have access to Joe Bide while VP?

Was Joe Biden shaking down Hunter Biden?

Was Pelosi’s son involved?

Why did Hunter Bidens lawyer reach out to the computer repair shop owner?

The press go after Giuliani are idiots

Adam Schiff is at it again

Media spins it for Biden

Biden camp instead talks about cats

Bide puts a 4 day lid on it

What is on that laptop?

Is there. A2nd laptop?

Twitter locks down NY Post unless they delete story

This exposes the tech giants for the leftist that they are

Biden camp admits polls are overinflated

Butterjudge is either a shrill or a moron

The left are animals