The PBL Podcast: 7/17/2020

The prosecutor targeting Garrett Rolfe may have committed a serious crime

Female Police Officer takes down bad guy by emptying clip on him

New Yorkers forced to shoplift bread hidden in shoe boxes to feed their kids

NY Times opinion writer QUITS and slams paper for ‘illiberal environment’ where being anti-Trump is ‘orthodoxy’, Twitter is ‘the ultimate editor’ and she was bullied for ‘wrongthink’

Even Bill Maher Has Had Enough of SJWs and Cancel Culture

Paging Media: Dr. Birx Said Riots Destroyed 70 Wuhan Coronavirus Testing Sites

National Association of Police Organizations endorses Trump, after backing Biden as VP in ’08, ’12

Black People Do Not Suffer Disproportionately From Police Brutality  Biden Promises To Outlaw Gas-Powered Cars If Elected President


Diddy Invites Nick Cannon to Join Revolt TV After Viacom CBS Firing