The PBL Podcast(Politics and Brown Liquor)Show Notes for 7_14_20

Here are the linked articles to the show:

Basement dwelling child attacks a horse.  Loses badly

Public service announcment

Cops Confiscate AR-15 Used by St. Louis Man to Defend Home Against Threatening BLM Protesters

Ate they lying about the COVID numbes?

There is merit in herd immunity

What black lives matter?

Are being lied to about the numbers, part two–of-all-new-hospitalizations-are-from-people-sheltering-at-home-

Looks like Sweden was right


Michigan Dem Warns Her Party: The Polls Showing Biden With A Big Lead Over Trump Are Wrong


Jill Biden forgets a grand kid

NAACP bails on Mayor Bottoms

Antifa ring leader needs some sleep

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov

E Battles a twitter troll over #bluelivesmatter

Out of The Shadows Documentary

Wayfair Conspiracy google search