All right. Well, welcome to this very special episode of the politics in Brown liquor, Brown liquor. And we have with us today, a guest, Brandy, how are you doing today? I’m good. How are you doing? Doing fantastic. And dr. C, how you doing today? I am Dan. Just fabulous. Excellent. Well, what do doing with Brandy on the podcast today is we’ve got some topics that we’re going to bring up.

I was talking to Brandy, I guess, I don’t know, a week and a half ago. And then we were talking a little bit before the show. Uh, you know, this podcast is Monday and we do a conspiracy Monday on the PBL podcast and you know, it’s funny. Is as you start getting into a lot of these things that a lot of people call conspiracies, they start looking more and more real and it gets scarier and scarier.

So brand new without, uh, you know, going into too much detail. Tell us some of the things we were talking about, what you’ve been posting on your Facebook page and such like that. You mentioned one today that I really wasn’t familiar with. Yeah, it actually cracked about two days ago on Reddit. There’s a conspiracy theory that Wayfair, which is a company headquartered from Boston who sells furniture, that they are actually using it as a front for child trafficking.

And there’s about 700 comments on Reddit about this. And then it went over to Facebook and a lot of the. QA, non groups and stuff like that. Um, there’s actually a screen shares of people going through and looking at the website. And if you go to the website, it will say like a cabinet, for example, which is extremely overpriced.

Like $15,000 for a cabin, and then it’s attached to, um, like a female’s name. So, uh, and then it will do something where to say only five left, only four left, you know, so you can, it’s almost in a sense as if you’re bidding for this object. Um, then it goes a level deeper because the skew number they were finding, um, by searching for that skew is bringing up pictures of young missing children.

So you can find a lot of that on Facebook is going around right now, where. Supposedly, they’ve taken down a lot of the pictures and a lot of the cabinet, but they’re still up there and they’re still floating around. It’s funny that it’s funny that this is like the first topic of the, of the day, because I have, I just recently saw Ashley last night as I was going to sleep.

I just, you know, I didn’t start trolling Twitter until we started this podcast. Cause Twitter was just like, but, um, minnows, I’ve seen a few things and all of a sudden. It’s with, but I order a lot from Wayfair. And so, like you said, like when you’re going through, there’s like some ridiculously priced items and I was actually pricing out a bed.

Um, was it November, December and, Oh my God. I could not believe the prices of some of these beds. Like, like you said, they’re like 10, 15, $20,000. I’m like what in the world? With someone pay $15,000 for a bed, but that makes way more sense than, yes. I’m the Wayfair a lot, right on the website. Do you see prices changing?

It is kind of like a bidding. Well, so when I’ve been on their pricing and stuff, especially like beds, Some days the prices would slash so you had ordinarily the price would be, let’s say like there was a bed on there one time that was like $30,000. And I’m like, Oh my God, like this bedroom made it like gold or something.

And then, you know, and then there was a sale, a sale. And so then sail the bread, the bed would then go down to like 12 or $13,000. So, I don’t know, but a lot of the, a lot of the furniture, the more expensive furniture, and it’s not just cabinets, but also beds and stuff. They do have female names associated with them.

Or they’ll say queen, or they’ll have like a fancy, like high flute name or something, but yeah, it’s kind of freaking out now. I’m like, Oh, I don’t know. I love Wayfair, but I don’t know if I want to go. I’ve ordered from them as well before too. I always associated Wayfair with inexpensive. Stuff, not cheap stuff, but their prices are, I haven’t seen all this, but I haven’t.

Gosh, I haven’t ordered Wayfair. Well, you also haven’t been searching for like, you know, higher ticket item in. Oh, no, I haven’t. So, so let me see. And if you read through the comments on Wayfair underneath those high price items, it’s very. The language is very apparent that they’re not talking about furniture.

So that’s another thing that’s kind of interesting to go through and see it’s, it’s pretty sickening. Um, and I don’t know for me, like, I, I see it very much kind of tied together with the Pizzagate stuff. So, you know, they, they do this stuff right under everybody’s noses and like these shirts, they had, they had shirts that said, pizza me.

And, uh, someone in New Zealand made a call to one of the, the stores they were selling them removed from like 59 stores, because they said, Hey, you got to watch out of the shadows, this documentary that goes into pizza gate. So. I think there’s a lot of people on high alert, the company made a statement like the next day, trying to debunk it as a conspiracy theory.

It’s interesting talking about ordering the furniture from there. Um, I’ve been trying to order a patio set from them for three months now. And every time that I order it, it takes my money out of my account. And then it tells me there’s some kind of a delay. And then they’ve been refunding my money all three times.

I tried to call them back. Yeah. I waited on hold for like two hours and still nobody, nothing. So yeah, maybe their assets are frozen. Maybe they’re going under a real investigation and they’re just maybe, well, what I ended, I ended up actually buying the bed from rooms to go. So here’s like a free plug for rooms to go, man.

So I bought the bed an awesome bed. Actually, it was ink. Tax and everything. It was like $400. They pay an additional 50 bucks, have it delivered and put together in my apartment. When it got here. I mean, it took like the only thing I can say is it wasn’t great. It took like eight weeks to get here, but I mean, it’s a massive piece of furniture.

And, um, so then it got here and they came in, put it together, send it on the wall. Like I wanted it cleaned up and left all within 20 minutes. I was like, Holy crap. Like rooms to go. If you ever have anything, like if you can’t like, get your patio set from Wayfair, get it from rooms to go. I mean, the extra 50 bucks for the delivery and the assembly.

Well worth it. And I have not heard of any child trafficking association. Yeah. It’s a nice plug for rooms to go. We’re gonna have to get them on the show me for a spot now, right? Exactly. To go. I am one of your, I am a big, a huge customer half. My apartment is rooms to go. Yeah. And so, so D delve, a little deeper to this.

There’s no doubt there is a human trafficking issue in the world. I mean, the media doesn’t really like to talk about it. Nobody likes to talk about it, but this is obviously happening. That the question I always have when I hear about all these stories is where do they get the victims? Cause it’ll call them victims.

The children found that’s the piece that, uh, you know, I know there’s a lot of children that go missing and I know that’s where a lot of the assumption is. That’s what happens is they’re being kidnapped and put into, uh, child sex rings. And I remember seeing a video a while ago on Twitter. I believe it was where it was a collage, uh, children just being snatched, just the children with their parents or with a mom and somebody, usually a male.

Sometimes females will just come up and snatch the kids run away when, usually in third world countries. So. No. Yeah. You know, and usually they’ll see it didn’t see any of those, I think, here in America, but I’m not really sure. Cause you know, like going into like a convenience store, I remember one guy just walked into a convenience store, tried to grab a kid and run out with the kid.

It’s just sickening. It’s just sickening. Yeah. I remember the movie taken. Oh yeah. Oh God. I watched that last night again, it’s one of my favorite movies and I feel like that’s a perfect example of, you know, they target young women that, you know, can be easily manipulated and then give them, feed them drugs.

And the next thing you know, there’s this whole underground, like dark web operations. Yeah. There was ones very similar in, uh, for much younger children. It was called I think Wonderland. Not to the Madeline McCain story. McCann’s story. People, you know, people don’t think this is going on. They’re, they’re naive to the, the evil that is in this world.

Oh yeah. Well, I mean, I mean, and this is nothing new. I mean, um, my uncle went to Russia in the eighties. Um, wherever that, no, my uncle, one of his friends went to Russia in the eighties. Um, cause you’ve worked for a museum and uh, in addition to like having to bring almost no clothing and just dollar bills, like a, by the way to the country, one of the things when they went there, you know, people were very upfront like, Oh, well, what do you like.

Like, like, you know, do you like women? Do you like men? Do you like girls? Do you like boys? And then they show up, they showed them in the windows in certain districts in st. Petersburg, Moscow, depending on where the blinds are drawn. So if the blinds are drawn, like halfway, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but depending on where and how much the draw, the blinds are drawn and meant there were.

People available. And then there would be like certain like decals or something, or other indicators to tell whether it was a woman, a man, children, either female or male, and then, you know, and then, and then you would know, so that’s how people would communicate. So it wasn’t that it was never like, you know, it wasn’t, you know, boys here or something, it was just, you know, Yeah, the blinds and that was in the eighties.

So, I mean, these things have been going on for, I mean, Oh, I mean, as long as people have been around, I mean, it’s an evil, I mean, it just, you know, I think now we just know so much more about it. Oh, they’re saying trillion dollar. Um, per trillion dollar industry. Really? So Brandon, we were talking about earlier, you know, you’ve mentioned pizza gate.

Can you give us a little thumbnail on the pizza gate scandal? Cause they tried to suppress that.

Yeah, they say that it’s debunked. It’s not debunked. In fact, like, so that scandal came out in 2016 and the best way, um, if you’re going to research pizza gate, I suggest starting with Adam shadows, the documentary that LIS um, ProCon put together. Yeah. Um, somebody from the CIA put that together and someone else from Hollywood and they talk all about the, um, you know, the whole, it goes into all the, how, you know, how they classified everybody is conspiracy theorists and, and, um, they actually use that as a way to deter people from believing.

These things when they come out and then it goes all into, uh, the deep state being associated with Hollywood and things like that. And then she goes into pizza gate, which, um, I mean, they were using code words, like, um, pizza or hot dogs and. Things like that. And it’s tied with the Podesta. Yeah. And the Clinton goes really deep.

Um, she always talks about like, and Liz is a perfect person to follow well, because I mean, she makes a lot posts and talks about some, you know, symbols will be their downfall and they really do do all this stuff, like right in our faces. Like I was saying earlier, the pizza shirts, um, Yeah. You know, and people, I think a lot of people have a problem, you know, processing, why would they do such a thing out in the open that doesn’t make sense.

But I think to understand why somebody would do that, you really have to get to the mind of a sociopath because that’s what they are. Yeah. And, you know, sociopath likes to torment. People like to put things out in the open and right under meet your nose, play a game of cat and mouse, and how much can I get away with to, um, make it so obvious that still a judge will believe in my story over there and you know, that kind of thing.

And I think unless you’ve experienced evil and, you know, dealing with sociopath or people that have narcissistic personality disorder, It’s really hard for them to process that somebody would do that. Right. If I’m strange to believe in on one hand. Cause I know as a woman, I know I have several ex-boyfriends who I could probably like put up for psychopathic.

Yeah. Now I called girlfriend just one. This one, just this one actually, actually, actually he and I read a party last night. I think we met at least one, one individual in particular that qualifies. So now they’re definitely out there that definitely out there. For sure. So I’m sorry, go ahead. I was just going to say in wrapping up about sociopath, you know, there there’s a book called the soul.

Do you have path next door? And she stays, uh, that there’s one and 25 people are sociopath and there’s more sociopath in the United States than anywhere else in the world. And a lot of them are politicians and CEOs, things like that. There you go. Yeah. There was a video just recently of Hillary Clinton.

They asked her what her favorite food is and she said, pizza. Oh, yeah. Well, I’m sure if you look up the term sociopath, like the image of Hillary Clinton will show up. No doubt. I, no doubt Hillary Clinton is a sociopath. All right. My opinion say what you will, but I believe the woman’s a sociopath. Do you believe bill is a sociopath or just a party boy?

I think the whole family is, I mean, Chelsea, for example, she’s has tweets going back and forth to the church of Satan and she’s blatantly wearing crosses upside down and picture. Yeah. And there’s a story that just came out that Chelsea Clinton and Gisele lane Maxwell used to hang out together. They used to vacation together.

So I mean, we know these lane and who she is now. Like there’s some stories coming out and we were talking about it earlier, Brandy, where there’s some stories coming out now that she has a video of least two prominent us politicians. I couldn’t, I don’t remember if it said U S politicians or just politicians in general.

And the story was that this guy came out and he said that her and Epstein forced him to watch these so they can show him how powerful they are, because they’ve got these two politicians having sex with minors. So this isn’t something we made up. This is a story that just is out there from a couple of days ago.

It will be in the show notes for this episode, because just came up and we’re going to talk about it today. Yeah. So it’s just a, it’s crazy. It’s, you know, and I mean, for those who are naive to this, and don’t think evil is in the world, I can tell you when I was a kid, I remember a walking with a friend of mine and I had to be.

I don’t know, six years old guy in a car pulls up and goes, your two boys need a ride. And my friend, my friend, who was just all willing to get in the car and I’m six, right? He was all willing to go in the car. And I said, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Who knew, who knows what would have happened? There is evil in this world.

And if we allow it to continue, it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Oh, no for sure. But I mean, you know, like, like you’re saying Brittany though, I mean, you know, one of the ways they discredit all these things is, you know, they make, they make people who would even dare to propose an alternate theory or propose some of these other.

Things, you know, they describe you and, and thereby, you know, just kind of, you know, dismiss everyone in, um, public opinion. Yeah. They try to make you sound like you’re the idiot. Yeah. Right, right, right. It’s gaslighting and it’s a. Farm. So talking about the guzzling Maxwell thing. Right? All right. She’s in custody, right?

So anyone here thinks she is, what is, what is your over-under bet for her life? Yeah. Anybody thinks she’s going to make it, but she’s going to be hung by paper. They did make the article the other day that said they took away like sheets and everything from her. So they’re trying to prevent that. I think it’s going to be really difficult to make footage disappear twice.

So I don’t know. I honestly, I think that she will make it the arraignment on the 14th. Um, what’ll happen then. I’m not really sure. Um, I would say if anything. She probably my guess, my best guess is she won’t if she gets with the general population that somebody will take her out. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah.

I mean, but also super obvious though, what they’re doing if they put her in gen pop.

Well, obviously asleep, but I mean, it’s like, you know, if they put her in gen pop, then it’s kinda like, you know, they want her to die. That’s the purpose, right? They always make bad decisions when you have high, high profile people in there. Um, yeah. Yep. Same it on something. Oh, well, some guard didn’t know she was, well, I mean, although they always say the El Chapo seems to be well, well on hand.

I mean, if they can handle El Chapo, like Ghislaine Maxwell should not be, she’s not exactly. I mean, yeah, she’s a horrible evil person. But, um, you know, Chapo, she’s not, you know what I mean? She’s not, she’s not exactly Guzman. Who’s like tumbling his way out of jail in the middle of taking place in Mexico.

I mean, he was all about drugs, right? This is child trafficking. So this, this goes here, although I will, I will say in, in Guzman’s defense, you know, he seems to have. Then a very, very family oriented individual. So, I mean, I guess at least there’s that going for him? Just killed all the other, you know, a heads up, Hey, you know, it’s a doggy dog world out there, man.

So, um, back to lane, um, we were dr. C and I were talking about this on a previous podcast that, you know, the feds have come out. And said, we don’t know if she’s gonna make it. We’re concerned that you know, she’s going to be suicided or something like that. I can’t remember the title, but my aunt was the feds, suicide and paper clothing.

They put her into this stricter, took away all our possessions and stripped her and put her in paper, like a paper dress for her interrogation, not even arraignment, you know, staying in a County lockout, like nothing. Like she was in there in her interrogation naked with paper. Okay. So, but the, the, my question or the thought is if the feds are coming out with their concern, that is an unusual move that the feds would come out and say, Hey, we were concerned that she’s going to be suicided or something, or commit suicide in jail.

I’m thinking, did the feds do that on purpose to try to send a message to those powers that be that. That one, her dead, Hey, don’t do this because we’re watching. I’m just, it was just a weird thing that the feds would say something like that, then put this out because the feds, the feds so

strange. There’s a lot of strategy and a lot of people that can be obviously implicated. I know a Prince Andrew’s gotta be freaking out, right? Yeah. Bullets. These he, no, he can’t sweat. Don’t you remember? That was the whole thing. It just proved it. He could have even been involved because he didn’t sweat because it was a, what was it?

What’d he say it was an injury or something precipitated by his own time, who’s going to be the fall guy who somebody is going to have to fall. Somebody, you know,

you hope that you hope it too.

Yeah, I don’t, I don’t know. But realistically speaking, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I, you know, I mean, as blatant as Hillary is in the media, you don’t see bill though. That’s funny. You don’t see bill, but you see Hillary all the time. No, I’m not saying, I’m not saying Bill’s not evil, but I think Bill’s like on a different level, I would say like, you know how John is in Ferno, Dante, like, you know, specifies it, was it the nine, nine levels of how and, um, I think Bill’s like towards like one of those like upper upper levels, like the outer, like the outer echelon.

Whereas like Hillary is like right there. Like here’s Hillary me. Here’s my big conspiracy on it. Here’s what I think is going to happen. And this is a big Beehag kind of thought, you know, big, hairy, audacious. Um, Bill’s going to die soon. Bill’s going to be the one that’s going to, he’s going to be, he’s gonna wind up found dead.

And the net then what’s going to happen is the nation is going to pivot away from all of this to mourn a former president. Cause bill don’t look too good these days. Yeah, you’re right. He does not look very good. and under the edifice of are under the auspices of, uh, him going vegan, right? Yeah. Yeah. So you, bill Clinton dies.

All this goes away. Everything goes they’ll quietly kill these Maxwell. And even that won’t make, that’ll get a blip. They’ll probably release it like on a Friday evening news stories. So it gets lost in the weekend while we mourn our former presence. I think you should know, I’m thinking if she actually survives her, you know, temporary incarceration, she’ll end up a witness protection and then.

She’s in witness protection, then someone will kill her. And I mean, obviously won’t hear about it because she’ll be witness protection. Yeah. That’s kinda what I’m thinking. Cause know now, like Brandy was saying, you know, it’d be difficult to make a video footage is peer again. Yeah. So, and I, and I personally think putting her in gen Papa would be also too obvious.

Yeah. But look what they did with Jeffrey Epstein. That was too obvious too, when that happened. So, um, so if you look at the landscape of this, you watch you watch, I think something’s going to happen with bill and I think that’s going to go away. No,

I also think we had some recording issues.

Okay. All right. Here we go. So I would say, I don’t know if Jimmy is necessarily the third one, but I will say Ellen and Tom Hanks are up there really. Okay. Well, tell us more about that because I mean, I have not heard anything about Tom Hanks or Ellen, so this is new for me. Okay. So the first thing is if you’ve ever been to Tom Pink’s Instagram page, it is so creepy.

Really? Yes. He’s got like, there. Saying, um, is that, you know, there’s these pictures of mittens kids, mittens, or kids saw ox or shoes, and he’s just like always taking pictures of them and, and makes a little comment like Hanks, you know, another one Hanks and they’re the symbology is supposed to be, um, you know, that that’s.

Him throwing out, you know, about trafficking, about child trafficking. Um, yeah. And it’s, it’s interesting too, because he’s so like right now, his voice is out there about, you know, if you’re not wearing a mask, I have no respect for you and all this stuff. And it’s like, okay, well, You know, we don’t have respect for people who are in Epstein’s flight logs and he’s one of them flight logs.

Was he in his flight logs? Really? I didn’t know that lot of people on the flight logs. Another interesting one is, uh, Heidi, uh, clue, which really hurt both her and Naomi Campbell did a lot of work with the Epstein’s and having parties and. Or supposedly allegedly procuring women for them and stuff? No, there was also a John Roberts on the flight logs.

We don’t know if it’s, you know, do with it, with the rulings he’s been coming out with. It would not surprise me in the league. It would not. Gaga is a huge one, right? She is on the flight list, the flight log. Why do we not hear about this spirit cooking stuff with, uh, Maria? Uh, I can’t pronounce her last name.

Ma’am yeah, I’ve heard of this fear of cooking. I don’t even really know what that means. So it’s really super creepy stuff. And like the Podesta’s are, you know, they’re seen in pictures with this as well. Um, it’s basically like this, this huge party they would have. And if you Google it, you can see pictures.

It’s really disgusting. Cause they have like cakes that look like, um, the size of a human. And when you cut into them, it’s like red velvet cake or whatever. So you can see all of these stars. Like lady Gaga is a huge one cause she is really out there, but they, they have all these pictures and they have like what appears to be written in blood, on a wall.

Um, w like a little spell or something that goes into the spirit cooking stuff. There’s pictures. Um, with just like people dressed really just strange, um, like completely naked painted in gray. Um, there’s like what appears to be like a human body, but it’s probably not. Hope, um, with like chocolate syrup on it to make it look like blood, that they’re dipping their fingers in.

And the person’s like half naked and, you know, um, they’re all just like scooping up the chocolate from this person who’s sitting there pretending to be dead. Um, supposedly they’re into cannibalism and partake in that and how all of this is available for anyone to see. Right. Yeah. I mean, if you Google the spirit cooking on Google, you’ll see images of the parties that they have.

Um, you can find some videos. I don’t know if you guys remember when Microsoft put out that commercial and she was in it and it immediately got taken down because she, I mean, she’s a well known state. So like lady Gaga. No. Well, I’m sure she is as well, but, uh, What’s her name? Maria. The spirit cooking person.

Okay. And you said there, there also possibly any cannibalism. So, I mean, I hate to even even ask, but I guess I ha I think I have to, like, who are they eating? Oh my gosh. A lot of it’s the speculation is, you know, like babies and young children and made that go, then that goes into like the whole Illuminati stuff.

Yeah. Well, I mean, and I have heard popping up lately, the term pet Devor. Yeah, that’s been, that’s been a big one lately and I’m just been like, Oh my God. It’s a lot to process. It really is. I’ve been watching Hannibal on Netflix and I’m just like, Holy crap. Like watching them do that picturing like half of Hollywood and it’s really hard to, it’s hard to process.

Yeah. And then I’m, then you’re also trying to process like, okay, so I’m thinking like, okay, Bradley Cooper is now tied up with a glue. Lady Gaga and like age that really hides I’m hot guy from the firefighter show, Chicago fire. Yeah. And then all of a sudden they be like, broke up. Excuse me. They broke up.

Yeah. But it was like, really, you know what it was supposed to be like, not messy, but they were obviously like, not talking to each other. Like that was always like, why does it like, why when he was hot? Like what if, if he, if he like put a ring on it, why didn’t she jump on that? Like immediately? And, uh, Hmm.

I don’t know. Maybe, maybe that kind of maybe makes sense then, like why certain, well, I don’t know, just look up and Snopes and of course Snopes debunks it. So that means there’s some validity to it if Snope says so. Yeah. Wow. So like Tom Hanks, lady Gaga, L okay. You tell me a little bit more about Alan. So it was Ellen R Ellen and Portia de Rossi is at the same thing.

They’re into the pedalboard spirit cooking thing. Um, I don’t know about the spirit cooking part and I don’t know about her wife. I just know. I mean, it’s interesting if you look at that, cause Ellen’s shows canceled. Jimmy Kimmel show was canceled. So, um, what I always pay attention to is what out there looks kind of suspicious to me.

Somebody show’s been canceled or like the thing with Heidi Clume I was watching AGBT and I was like, how is she not here for three? Three weeks in a row. Why is that? And, um, then I just Googled if she was a part of the Epstein thing and sure enough, it said there’s all these articles about her name. So it’s like if someone just shows canceled, if they’re freaking out about masks right now, like eminence, I mean, he’s part of the Illuminati crew.

All the ones who are really out there pushing masks, I feel like is a power trip to see who they can get to, you know, who they can manipulate. Cause it’s, it’s just one big power struggle right there. Oh, Atlanta with Kesha and spas. And this past year actually. Hi, I’m Kesha. As of yesterday, she actually rolled back, um, the city restrictions, right.

Phase two all the way back into phase one. And actually, so now it’s created the discrepancies between the gubernatorial man, the governatorial, um, You know, mandates and guidelines versus the city. And now the Georgia, um, restaurants is also at odds with Keisha Lance bottoms though. They actually just came out yesterday as well, as soon as, um, bottoms came out that new rollback.

So now the restaurant associations are compliant will comply with whatever mandates that Brian Kemp puts out. But not necessarily what Keisha bottoms puts out. So, I mean, every obviously, yeah, establishment is free to do what they want. You know, free, you know, also now there have been several attorneys who’ve come forward publicly.

And I, you know, I know several right leaning, um, attorneys and I’m sure would be more than happy if someone came into them like, Hey. Like, you know, someone can, my business, they’re trying to shut me down, you know? Cause I mean, it makes, it makes for good. You say that you bring that up a lot too. And if people, this does happen to you, you can find to reach out to dr.

C to get through those attorneys. Yeah. Or the PBLs Yeah. Yeah. Because I mean, it’s, I mean, it’s a huge issue, but yeah, no, I mean this whole face mask thing and yeah, I believe it’s totally a control thing. And also just. I mean, and even from the standpoint, if you want to think about it, you know, controlling people, we referenced that video a few weeks ago where it actually shows this guy actually took a oxygen, um, neater, so measured the air quality pre and post mask.

So he measured it without the mask and it was above standards. Right. Cause I think I was, I was just saying in, so it was like 80% or something and then you put the mask on and it was several points below. It was just. Yeah, maybe this literally depriving your brain of oxygen as you’re wearing that. Yeah.

Maybe this is a government plot that dumb us down even more by denying as oxygen to our brain. Even more so than putting fluoride in the water. That’s right. That’s right.

Yep. Up this whole conversation where we’re talking about what these evil people are doing and you’re thinking to yourself, Oh my gosh, that’s too far fetched. That can’t happen. I got two words for you. Bill Cosby. America’s dad is in jail right now because he was drugging women and having sex. He was raping them.

This is America’s dad who didn’t think bill Cosby was just a great guy and look at what he turned out to be. And don’t believe the, the story there’s, you know, the media wants you to, they tell a story, they don’t tell the story. They don’t tell you like Jimmy Kimmel, you brought up earlier. Brandy is, you know what the media is about alluding to as to why his show is canceled is because as soon as the show was canceled, he announced that outcome’s videos of him using the N word.

And the next thing, you know, You know, that’s what everybody thinks it was. Could it be something more sinister? I don’t know, but never really. The media in this country are completely useless. I say that all the time that if we had, I had a real media in this country, a lot of these evils would be exposed and a lot of this wouldn’t be happening and a lot of lives wouldn’t be either totally destroyed or lost completely.

Yeah. And if they actually recorded the truth, it would have came out in bits at a time and there would be justice school would be nailed for it. Whereas it’s gone on for so long that it’s like the flood Gates opened up with all this evil, just pouring out everywhere. If I, if our media told the truth, that Democrat would never even be able to get elected dog catcher in any local County.

So. I mean, but we just don’t have that. I mean, the UK does a better job at reporting on our news and politics than our own, um, American media does is just put that out. It’s outrageous actually. So Brandy, so now with the election coming up in November, I mean, you know, we hear about all these left leaning people that are evil now.

I mean, are there any conspiracies in regards to any of the Republican candidates? I mean, obviously, you know, Trump. There’s a big, is a big target for the left. And I mean, you know, they, they’re always coming up with some sort of nonsense. Um, but you know, are there any conspiracies or any, any whisperings about, you know, some of our, well, I mean, Eugene and he and I are, he and I are, um, you know, we’re we’re right.

Leanings. So we, we. At least I’m voting. I haven’t been any Republican, November, 2020, but, um, but yeah, but I mean, are there any rumblings on our side of the aisle, as you know, in regards to certain persons or goings on. I haven’t heard of anything. I’m also voting for Trump. Um, I’m a huge Trump supporter.

Now, there are some, there is a little bit of speculation when pictures come up because they have been pictures of Trump with Maxwell and Epstein. Um, but gather a short little video about that and said, you know, that was in the past. He’s the one who actually kicked, um, In out of, uh Mar-a-Lago and, um, that he was working with the FBI to report Epstein on doing all this stuff.

So imagine if that came out. Yeah. The media won’t report that, but that would be just, that would be Epic. If it came out that Trump was actually behind the scenes helping getting Epstein. Yeah. I mean, I mean, I could see it. I could see it. Yeah. So pretty as we’re, as we’re wrapping up, um, if he could tell our listeners and our viewers, like what are some of the sources that they want to go check the stuff out for themselves?

What are some of the best sources that you know of or the ways that you know of and that you utilize yourself to find out what’s actually going on behind the scenes? Um, well, if you like, I would, I would really, um, encourage everybody to watch the out of shadows documentary. I would really start there, free to watch too.

The guy put it out there. It’s free to walk. Yeah. I think I had like 6 million views or something the first week or something crazy. And I would follow Liz. Um, her last name is spelled C O sorry, C R O K. I N. You can follow her on social media. Um, she was the one that was behind the documentary and, uh, talked about expose the whole Pizzagate thing.

Um, then I don’t follow a zero hedge. Um, lots of good things come out there. Um, what was it? It’s spelled C R O K C R O K I N. Crack cocaine. CRA, uh, Krogan I think it’s pronounced Grogan. Yeah. Yep. Okay. Yeah. Well, no, thank you. And, um, thank you so much for coming, you know, coming on to talk to us today, we really appreciate it.

And, um, yeah, I wish, I wish I could say it was a great topic. Great conversation, but just great, interesting conversation. Brandy, do you have a social media that you want to put out for people if they want to follow you or do you prefer to be like super, super anonymous and mysterious? I don’t yet. Um, but if I do, I’ll make sure I hand that to you guys.

Okay. That sounds good. We’ll put it out on the podcast show notes. So thank you again for coming on the show. Thanks so much. And please stay safe. Okay. You too. Bye guys.